I am available by message via reddit / discord right now. Please message u/Miyanomi or Laly#0001. I am on the PSO2 server, so you can hop on there if you want to DM me. If you are a part of the XBOX mafia please don't bring a bat as I still need my kneecaps. I just wanted to help people as the in-game search is horrifying. Pls understand.


1. How is the average price calculated?

It is calculated using the lowest 5 prices currently found on market.

2. Will you expand to other ships?

Currently, the service is running on a spare PC in my closet. It is not a strong PC, so I am not able to do other ships right now. Maybe when I can afford an upgrade I will expand to other ships.

3. How do you get the market prices?

It is currently being done with a private method that is made into an API. The website uses the API to get the data.

4. Can I help?

If you notice popular items which are missing, please submit a request so I can add it to tracking.

5. Why wasn't my item added yet?

I sleep at very odd hours! Sometimes it can be at 1 am, sometimes 7 am. I am also currently a medical student helping with some research on the side, so I may be busy some days with that. If it still hasn't been added and you're wondering why, feel free to shoot me a message. It could also be that the item does not meet requirements.